New Year

New year resolutions aren't so important to those who practice yoga regularly, because in truth each time we come to our mat or meditation place we are making a resolution to clear away all the stuff that gets in the way of our living an honest, content and peaceful life. 

In the quiet of our yoga practice we get to watch ourselves with an increasingly clear and honest eye.  We contemplate our actions and reactions and observe our mistakes, without blame.  We notice which actions lead us to a peaceful mind and which to discontent.  Once we know that, we can choose to begin to live in the way that brings the most joy, the most happiness, the most balance to our life and therefore to the lives of those around us.

We all have our stuff to work on and yoga gives us a place and a method for working on it.  Daily, hourly, minute by minute.

Practising yoga in all its forms is like pressing alt/control/delete on the computer - and here we are again, with a blank page, a fresh view, a new beginning.

© Sarah Raspin


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