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Practising Wisdom

We have to practise wisdom.  There are things that we know to be true and yet lose sight of every day.  Just knowing isn't enough; we have to practise what we know.
Believing that you have enough and knowing that you are enough is one of these things.

If you are telling yourself every day that you don't have enough money, sleep, wisdom, energy, confidence, experience to do the things that you want and need to do, then you will come to believe it.  This will make you afraid and will stop you from doing all the things you would like to do.

If you cannot appreciate all that you have achieved, how far you've come, the money you have earned, who you are, for thinking about the miles you have yet to go to reach your goals, then you will forever feel inadequate and limited.  Don't postpone your gladness until you have more, weigh less or achieve something new; you know that to defer your happiness in this way is never to reach it.

And somehow we all bought into…

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