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Yoga Sutra 11,30 Aparigraha Part 2 - Non attachment to other people

The concept of non attachment to possessions is an easy one to understand, as difficult as it might be to follow.  That we should try not to be greedy, grasping, not to think our possessions define us, always be seeking more, whether that be more money, more skill in asana, more appreciation.  I wrote about this aspect of aparigraha here

Applying aparigraha or non attachment to our personal relationships is a more subtle and more difficult matter.  How can I be unattached to my children, my family, my partner, my animals?  Doesn't that seem inhuman in some way?  Doesn't that seem to be an attitude lacking in love?

But here is the thing: your capacity to love is not diminished by your capacity for non attachment.

Yoga practice leads us towards understanding that we are whole as we are, we were born whole, the practices that yoga teaches us lead us towards an understanding of that essential rightness.  It teaches us that there is nothing that we need that is outside of ourselve…

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