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How to Meditate.

It is as simple as choosing a time to sit down, finding a way to sit that you can be truly comfortable, selecting something to focus on (a mantra, your breath, a candle) and making it your intention to draw your mind’s attention back to that every time it wanders off. Your mind will wander off. Over & over again.
But it is also as difficult as finding it within yourself to sit still for 15 minutes when you have so many other things to do; it is as hard as keeping the faith with all of the articles you have read & all of the people that you admire that have told you time & again how meditating is good for the soul, good for your mind, good for your body; it is as challenging as sitting with your own wildly oscillating mind, with all of its memories, resentments, distractions, to do lists & plans. So it’s a simple principle, but hard to do.
An article in the news this week said that about one quarter of people on mindfulness retreats experience uncomfortable feelings …

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