It is crucial that you discover how to value yourself;
That you know the truth of your own worth.

So much of your suffering comes from not understanding this simple truth:
You are unique and deserving of love, respect, care & tenderness.

You and everybody else.

If you don't know this,
If you don't understand this,
Then there is something wrong
And you have work to do,
The quiet, patient work of uncovering all that stands in the way of your love.

You can only progress,
You can only become all that you can be,
If you know your worth and value yourself.

It is not enough to open your heart and to shower your love onto other people,
You must learn how to receive love,
You must find out how to believe you deserve it.

It really is that simple
And that difficult.

If you are a student of yoga,
Or a student of life,
Then you already know that
Love is the answer.

That being the case,
Why did you think that you were,
In some unique way,
Undeserving of it?

You were wrong.


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