Yoga is Great

Yoga is great; you know this.  You start out a little bit mad, a little bit obsessed by the wrong stuff, looking to other people to reassure you that you are doing ok, that you are a good person, trying all the time to be better, to be worthy, to be good enough.

Yoga shows you, through practice, over time, that you were born good enough, you have plenty of love around you; it takes away the barriers you had erected around your heart to protect yourself, it silences your mind and then the love comes crashing in unhindered and you realise that you knew how to live all along.  

You were your own worst enemy, and now you are your own best friend.  

Now you can make decisions, be brave, do new things, reach out to friends in need, nurture yourself, stay healthy, feel vibrantly alive.

For this reason, among many others, yoga is great.


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