Living peacefully is important.  I know that when I am experiencing peace I am a better, kinder person & I observe in the world that those who are not peaceful have a tendency to wreak havoc on the themselves, their loved ones & the world at large.

Peace is lost & found.
We are human beings, not saints & often it’s when we become aware of how little inner peace we have that we find the means for transformation.  Peace feeds peace, but disharmony might be the thing that makes us begin our search.

Peace feels like spaciousness to me: room to breathe a full, whole breath; time for forgiveness (yourself, others); comfort in my body & a slowing down of thought.

Peace is not passive, it is powerful.  To be the one who is dependable, strong, forthright, calm & gentle in the midst of trouble is a gift indeed.

Every day, begin again.
Peace is a plant that requires daily care.

Your practice lies not in the times you fail, but in the simple turning back to the method you know works again & again for as long as it takes.
You have your whole life for it.



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