Learning Late

Here is something that I have only just understood. 

The fact that I have been practising yoga since 1995; have studied with some amazing teachers from all over the world; have read and studied many of the key texts of yoga philosophy and have chosen to spend my life practising and teaching and writing about yoga, demonstrates how much we have to learn, how far yoga practice can bring us along and how it's never too late to learn some really fundamental things, which can change the way we live forever.

What I realised is this: that I don't need to be perfect to be loved.  In fact, it is for my imperfections that the people who love me love me.
It's such a relief!  Not just to know this intellectually, but to feel it too.

Did you ever have one of those breakthrough moments when you realise that the answer was just staring you right in the face all along?  Did you ever realise something momentous and wonder to yourself how you could have missed something so obvious for so long and yet at the same time, feel that you found out at just the right time; just when you were ready and needed to learn it?  Well, then you'll know how I felt when I realised this small, simple thing, insignificant to most people, probably, but very important to me... I can make mistakes and say the wrong thing and forget stuff and all the other things that I regularly do that make me feel like a plum... and the people who love me, will still love me.  And in spite of all that silliness, I still deserve (like everyone does) to be loved.


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