Mending my Sails

Sometimes there's no wind in your sails, everything stops and you have to accept that it's time to just give in and let go for a while.  The way we live now doesn't make this very easy.  Everything still needs to be done; you have set yourself the highest standards and it feels like a little failure to compromise them.  But life has a rhythm.  The quieter you get, the more easily you can tune into its rhythm.  And sometimes that rhythm slows almost to stillness.  To grit your teeth and dig deep and push on through at your normal speed feels like to best thing to do, but it's exhausting, trying to keep up with yourself when times are difficult and your energy is low. 

But how about this - accept that there are days, when just putting one foot in front of the other is enough effort; when just getting up and going about your day in peace is enough; how about accepting that some days the wind doesn't blow and it's time to mend your sails; take care of yourself; let the quiet times unfold in their own way.  Soon enough your energy will be back, or the difficult moment will have passed and you'll be off again, flowing with a faster rhythm of life.  But for now, just let yourself be who you are, how you are.  Don't be afraid of it; don't hide from it; go with it.  Everything will be fine.


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