Tantra 2 - Windows to Transcendence

Using what inspires you in the world to find the expansiveness within relies on your being able to discern between the transcendence itself and the doorway to it.

It's no good thinking that it is the sunset that makes you feel transcendent, so you must always see the sunset in order to be happy.  It's no good becoming addicted to another human being who makes you feel oneness and acceptance, so that you can experience love.  If being in church helps you to feel peace, then by all means go to the church to find that sense of stillness, but don't make the mistake of thinking that you can only find peace in that building.

We all have things we do/people we see/places we go for inspiration.  However, it is important that you don't mistake the things that inspire you to feel joy, peace and love for the reason you feel that joy, peace and love.  The potential for that feeling is constantly within you, it does not go away. Finding and doing the things that inspire it in you is a good start, the work then is to learn how to maintain it so that you can allow that joy, peace and love to imbue your whole life, not just certain parts of it.

Don't mistake the trigger for the source.  Great love is always within you and it is possible to feel great love for all things, if you try.  It is what most of the major spiritual paths are all about.  We know it's not easy by how few people we meet that are able to do it, but those people do exist.  And they do not exist because they are different or special, they exist because they have made the most of their talent for love. 


  1. What came first, the chicken or the egg?! V.

  2. Angels are able to achieve great love for all things. I've been lucky enough to meet an angel! V.


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