When you get really quiet you can listen to the love-filled voice of your own heart, which knows you so well, your darkness and your light, and wants nothing - nothing at all - but to love and care for you in the way that best serves you.

That voice will guide and protect you.  But it will not necessarily bring you what you want.  Your life will not necessarily look how you expected it to look, you might not have the things you expected to have, and other people might not understand your choices.  It could lead you to some lonely places, because sometimes we forget that we are never alone.

The voice of your own heart is gentle and easily trampled by those who think they know better and by the clanging abrasiveness of modern life.  It is easily drowned out by the noise of your mind shouting to you about who you should and shouldn't be.  That is why we need to practice; to practice listening to the silence and to what emerges from it.

When you learn how to listen to your inner voice your life might take some surprising turns; but it is certain to bring you the one thing that you really want and need: your own true life.

And it always begins with silence.




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