You are more than your intelligence

You are more than your intelligence
You are more than a mind that thinks
You are not limited by time and space, although you might believe that you are.

Who put the blinkers on your eyes?
Why don't you want to see?
Who helped you to build the wall around your heart?
Do you think that the wall will keep pain out of your life?
The pain will make it through, but love might not.
Pain will find the cracks and crevices in that wall and will make a mockery of your defences.
You will certainly feel sorrow, you are human,
But you can choose whether or not you suffer.

Strange that we seek to protect ourselves from hurt,
Yet hurt transforms us more than any other emotion, even love.
Sometimes the sticking plaster has to be ripped from the wound, so that through hurting we might heal.
Pity those people without the courage to experience their pain; they are doomed to sit with that sorrow obfuscating their every attempt at happiness. 

There is no way but through,
And who wants to sit forever in the waiting room of life?
Burst through the door, feel what is to be felt, know that after you have felt it, you will be able to grow.

You are blessed with a mind that thinks, a heart that loves and accepts love, a will that can make things manifest.

What are you waiting for?
Why do you let fear hold you back?
Have you noticed how much you have to live with fear if you let it make your decisions?
Wouldn't you rather be moving on,
Holding your fear by the hand
("Thank you very much, I know you are trying to protect me")
Rather than letting it hold you back?

Look your fear in the face,
Smile at it and let it in, don't hide it,
Fear might sometimes be your companion,
But it need not hold you back.



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