Hide and Seek

What is that particular thing that you are running away from?
Or are you a hider?  Hiding behind any number of reasons why you must stay put and never get those things you dream of.

The runners keep on moving so fast, so fast, that they only just sense the presence of a shadow over their lives, they run so fast and talk so much that they are deaf to its whisperings.  There are some things we know that we don't want to know; there are some things we have to do to be whole that we don't wish to enact.  How fast do you need to run to stop that whispering shadow from catching up with you?  And what happens when you stop all that noise and fuss?  Are you afraid of that?  Of course you are and rightly so.  A whole life is not an easy life.

The hiders stay quietly in their designated place (somewhere that the seeker within can't find them) and they keep very, very still.  They might ponder from time to time, why people treat them a certain way, they might feel stuck and unable to change, they might feel thwarted every time they try to turn towards something new.  But nobody else can stop you from living a whole life; only you have that power.  Difficult, isn't it?  I am afraid it is completely impossible to hide from yourself, although we may become adept at denial, the great enemy of truth.

The path is given to you, but the way you make your journey is all yours.  It is your responsibility and nobody else's, likewise nobody can forestall you but yourself.

Some of us fight against our destiny tooth and nail; we try too hard consistently and without let up.  We think we are in charge.  We stamp our feet and yell that we don't want this path and the reply which rises is always the same: "Nevertheless this path is yours alone, for reasons which you can only glimpse through a glass darkly.  Look how much it has taught you, about life and about loving."

We are seekers and we must seek. 
That's all.

How fast do you need to run to outpace yourself?  That is an impossible race. 
How loudly do you need to hum to fool yourself that no monster could ever disturb you in your safe hiding place?

Stop.  Unwrap yourself like the gift that you are, carefully and with grace.  You are here for a reason.  That's good.  But you don't get to choose the reason.  That's good too, for what you would choose would be so limited, whereas what is intended for you is wondrous indeed.



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