Here's an easy daily practice for anyone who would like to lengthen their hamstrings.

1. Get a yoga belt (or any belt you have)
2. Lie on your back on the floor
3. Raise one leg and put the belt around the heel end of your raised foot
4. Stretch the other leg out along the ground
5. Ensure that the back of both hips is in contact with the ground (the hip of the raised leg will want to curl up off the floor)
6. Hold for at least 2 minutes, each side

If you do this once a day, every day this month, you will see a great improvement in your hamstring length by December.

Do it to improve your asana practice, but also do it to improve your posture, mobility and your sense of comfort in your own body.



  1. I love this - short and I can print it...and improve my hamstrings. Thank you. V.


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