A letter to my friend 2

Don't push your feelings away or ignore them, be they physical, emotional or mental.  Watch them, feel them, listen to what they have to teach you about compassion (for yourself and for others) and about love and loving.

Your heart knows.  First learn to listen.  Then to hear.  Then to live according to it.  This takes great courage (from the old French, corage, meaning 'heart, innermost feelings, temper', this word itself from the Latin cor, meaning 'heart'*), but you can do it.  Look to others who have done so before you, or for people around you who are doing it right now; people who are making brave choices and living authentically.  Let them inspire you.  Don't deny the truth of your Self.

There is self-reliance and this is good (when it is based on a strong sense of self); and there is reliance on others and this is good (when it is based on a strong sense of self): we all need to receive love, care, attention and recognition.  We all need nurturing.  Let the people around you love you and take care of you, as you do for them.  Even children can give you the support you need, if you let them; sometimes the nourishment you need comes from the most surprising sources: let it.  There is strength in letting people love you and in admitting when you are in need of tenderness.

Let your beautiful heart be your guide.  Be brave.  Be happy.  Have fun.  And when feelings come, think of them as sign-posts along your path; allow them space and time in your life; know that alongside difficult emotions and physical pain, joy and love co-exist constantly.


*Thanks to Brene Brown for the etymology


  1. A letter to my friend 3. "The best way of life is to be. Simply be." V.


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