Everything is to prove that we belong

Everything you do, everything you are, everything that happens to you and because of you; 
The people who are around you, the air you breathe, what you see, the things you love;
Your life in your body, your place in the world, the lives you touch in known and unknown ways; 
The friends you love, the troubles you have, the times that test you, the days when everything is just right;
The rows you have, the people you hold, the ones who drive you crazy, the things that make you cry;
The times you bask in love, the times you feel alone, the days that you are brave and the days that you are not;
The birds you feed, the nature that you love, the animals that you keep, the world around you.  

Everything is to prove that we belong.

There is nowhere else.
There is no other body, no other life, no better way.
We make choices, we live, we love, we learn and we move on through.
It's hard to believe sometimes, but it's all as it should be.
Difficult to trust in the unfolding of our one life, but
Everything is to prove that we belong.

Thank you, Vanessa, for asking me to think about this x


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